• Bauer/Mission Fit Guide 2017

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    With the winter season in play, a lot of us will be looking for a new pair of wheels to start the season with a new step to our game.  For those who have been out of the gear game for a while, or just need a fresh take on skate fit as their old boot just doesn’t cut it for comfort anymore, we’ve put together a few guides that we’ll be releasing.

    First up are the fit profiles for Bauer and Mission.  With both brands being operated under the same parent company, you’ll find a lot of material, chassis and wheel profile similarities, so let’s take a quick peek at what the fits we’ve got in are.

    Bauer Vapor
    The line of skates most people in Bauer skates are familiar with, the Vapor family features a narrow forefoot that tapers into a slightly more generous heel for better mobility.  This family is Bauer’s answer for those with narrower foot profiles, with a snug, low-volume (foot thickness/instep height) foot last and a V-shaped heel.  Vapor skates tend to open up in the heel after the bake, and allows players’ heels to slip deeper into that v-pocket for a more secure heel lock, so don’t be alarmed if the Vapor boot feels a hair too short from the get go – your foot will settle back a bit after a break in or a bake!

    Mission DS
    Mission’s Inhaler DS family is the predecessor to their current NLS line.  But with plenty of stock and a familiar fit, this is still the go-to line for many players who have become accustomed to Mission’s fit process.  Built off the same boot last as Bauer’s Supreme family of ice hockey skates, the Mission Inhaler DS family features a more anatomical, 360-degree boot last that a large majority of skaters with average width feet fit into.  An anatomical, snug heel pocket that tapers into a slightly wider forefoot and toebox, Mission’s DS skate is slightly wider-fitting than Bauer’s Vapor line, with a standard “E” width sizing compared to Vapor’s standard “D” width.

    Mission NLS
    With Mission’s 2016/2017 update to the Inhaler line of skates, comes a slightly different fit thanks to more advanced materials and foams found in the quarter package.  The new Curv Composite, and ballistic nylon formulae and memory-foam like thermo-formable padding found in the liners of the NLS family of skate allows for the same level of protection, durability and custom fit, but with lighter, thinner materials.  Fundamentally, the fit still draws from Bauer/Mission’s anatomical foot last, but with a bit more width and volume throughout the skate; planting the NLS line’s “E” width fit in between the old DS line’s “E” and “EE” widths.  Nevertheless, the heat-moldability of the skates allows for the skate to wrap around a foot to re-create the old DS fit, but the new NLS line is perfect for Mission skaters who needed to punch out their DS skates just a hair for some comfort.

    Naturally, at the end of the day, boot fit is the most important component to skate performance.  Being professionally fitted for your skates to best accommodate not only your foot shape, but your skating style, foot issues and biomechanics behind your stride will always yield the best results.  For the Vancouverites and visitors, swing into the shop here at Coast to Coast Hockey for your foot evaluation and skate fit today!

  • Bauer 2017 XR Roller Hockey Skates

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    Today we're taking a look at the price point skates of Bauer's new 2017 Vapor Skate family.  The skates are built from the same boot last as the 1XR, providing a consistent, tapered, snug fit throughout the foot, while offering this pro-preferred fit profile in multiple price points to fit every skater's budgets and needs.  Let's dive straight into it!

    Bauer XR800
    The Bauer Vapor XR800 Skate features a full Curv composite boot, created from one of the most lightweight, responsible, anatomically heat moldable materials available in the industry.  A performance-first approach to skate design ensures that the Curv composite stands out as a hyper-stiff energy-transferring material, improving the fit and finish of every skate.

    As with the top-of-the-line 1XR, the XR800 features the new LockFit dual-zone grip liner, with a tackier, grip-material bottom designed to securely lock the foot in place, while the familiar Hydramax 2 liner keeps the skate cool and dry with its patented moisture management properties.  The new FlexLock tongue combines a pro-grade felt tongue with a thermoformable smart material that improves forward flex and durability, while maintaining that range of motion through the boot's overall asymmetrical design.

    Bauer XR600
    The Bauer Vapor XR600 Skate features a pro-level spec-sheet and materials, while remaining friendly to the wallet.  A tech-mesh fiber composite boot provides a lightweight, responsive upgrade from traditional, older tech-mesh, while retaining the new asymmetrical last design Bauer created for this updated Vapor family.

    A new one-piece heel and ankle support built into the internal structure of the boot improves stability and fit throughout the anterior portion of the foot, using Bauer's tried-and-tested AnaForm ankle pads and a moisture-wicking microfiber liner to provide a secure wrap and heel lock; all while maintaining a cool, dry boot through ample ventilation and moisture management.

    Bauer XR500
    The Bauer Vapor XR500 Skate starts with a reinforced TrueForm Tech PU boot, a material that provides a performance stiffness and responsiveness at a reasonable price.  A one-piece, internal heel and ankle support structure is a new feature implemented by Bauer to provide an improved heel fit and secure lock, while increasing the durability of the skate.

    An upgraded tongue with an integrated metatarsal guard helps serve as protection from lace bite and minor impact energy, while a heatmoldable AnaForm ankle pads serve as a structural basis for the hydrophobic microfiber internals.  The result is a great fit package with moisture-wicking properties.

    The one-piece Aluminium Hi-Lo frame is found at this price point, with its seamless construction improving the durability and responsiveness of the skate, while Indoor Hi-Lo Clinger wheels and Abec 7 bearings round out the skate.

    Bauer XR400
    The Bauer Vapor XR400 skate is formed from Bauer's PU Trueform Tech Mesh boot, that provides a performance-minded degree of stiffness, durability and impact protection at the recreational price point.  The AnaForm ankle pads are heatmoldable to provide a customized fit from the first fitting at the shop.

    A standard pro-felt tongue and microfiber liner fill out the internals of the skate, while the Hi-Lo Court wheels, Abec 5 bearings and Ventilator frame provide a solid, stable foundation for turns, strides and glides.  

    Bauer XR300
    A great option for the casual skater looking for the hockey skate feel, or the rookie player looking to get into the game, Bauer's Vapor boot design offers a secure heel lock and adaptable fit to provide stability and support throughout every stride.  Unique at this price point are the Heat-adjustable internal foams, allowing for some heat moldability and fit customization from the first fit at the shop, while reducing break-in time.

    Hi-Lo Street Outdoor Wheels, Abec 5 bearings and a Two-Piece Hi-Lo chassis produces an aggressive pitch perfect for maneuverability and maximizing skating technique. 

    The new Bauer Vapor XR Vapor line takes the best elements of the familiar Vapor skate, and injects each skate with performance upgrades to keep up with the technological and skill advancements in roller hockey.  The result is a much better value product at each price point, ensuring that every player is getting the support, performance and fit they need.

    See the new inline hockey skates in-store and online here, at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop - your Vancouver-home-grown inline store!

  • Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Hockey Skate 2017 – First Look

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    Fresh off the press are the spec sheets for Bauer’s inline product line-up for 2017.  With updates and improvement across the board, we’re here to give you a first look at Bauer’s new top-of-the-line skate offering – the Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skate. 


    The Vapor Family - Fit and Finish

    The Bauer 1XR brings back the popular Vapor family fit profile, with a narrow forefoot and a tapered fit through to the heel.  Bauer’s patented X-Rib design and Curv Composite quarter package come back to provide excellent stiff, lightweight skate that has an incredible amount of heat-moldability and structural stiffness to provide a highly customized wrap, while retaining a pro-preferred level of support and durability throughout the boot.


    Read the full article >>

  • TRUE Hockey Composite Sticks, Shafts and Blades 2017

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    Fresh off the truck and in the store now is a shipment from TRUE Hockey.  Among them a batch of sticks we are incredibly excited to have in-store and to be able to offer to players like you.  Stick with us as we cover what makes these sticks so great, and what makes them tick.

    TRUE Hockey Stick Overview
    True Temper is company based out of Memphis that has served as the manufacturer and R&D center for a large number of brands, from Bauer, to Reebok to brands like Alkali which still retains True Temper technology in their sticks.  A few years ago, they sought to bring their high-performance stick technology to the market under the TRUE Hockey brand, creating sticks driven by the players’ needs; with a no-frills, performance-first approach.  The result is a pound-for-pound better performing hockey stick for every dollar spent, with pros and beer leaguers alike finding their stride with TRUE’s new tech.

    Unique to TRUE Hockey is their Axenic one-piece technology.  Modern one-piece sticks are often manufactured as a shaft and blade, being fused together later on in the process; oftentimes only having true one-piece construction without material overlap in high-end sticks.  All of TRUE Hockey’s sticks are made with a true one-piece construction, from their entry level A1.0 model that retails at an entry level to their top-of-the-line A6.0 model that plays up there with top-of-the-line models.  This essentially creates the most responsive and weight-saving stick for each price point, as well as lending itself to TRUE’s notoriously great puck-feel (closest to a lively wood blade we have in a composite stick!) and effortless mid-kick point.


    A1.0 SBP – Available in Jr / Int / Sr
    We start with the entry-level A1.0 SBP stick.  A wallet-friendly option for the recreational player or budget-conscious superstar, the A1.0 is made from a Fiberglass/Carbon Fibre blend with braided-ribs and 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fibre layers to maximize durability and emphasize and easy-loading kick-point.  A great starting point for players looking to get a feel for TRUE’s products, or just looking for a good value-for-performance stick.

    A2.2 SBP – Available in Sr
    Thanks a higher carbon fibre-content composition, the A2.2 improves upon the A1.0 with a more lightweight and responsive performance standard, without tacking much more onto the price tag.  The same braided rib technology is found on the A2.2, but with construction improvements and better foams to provide improved puck feel.

    A4.5 SBP – Available in Sr
    Coming in at TRUE Hockey’s mid-price-point, the A4.5 is the perfect stick for us roller hockey players.  The ideal mix of durability and performance, the A4.5 has a pure 3K Carbon Fiber core, wrapped in a reinforced fiberglass sleeve, bringing out the best in TRUE Hockey’s performance in puck feel and responsive kick, while being a hyper-durable option for those who want to take it to the roller rink.  A graduated mid-kick point creates some variability, allowing the shaft to adapt to your hand position and flex accordingly to the shot you’re looking to take.  With a modern kick-point and a puck-feel reminiscent of the old One95 sticks, the A4.5 is a spectacular stick. 

    A6.0 SBP - Available in Sr
    The True A6.0 SBP Composite Hockey stick is True's ultimate preium offering in their 2nd generation A-Series stick line.  Starting with a SmartPly 100% pure carbon twill laminate construction, True uses a carbon weave that maximizes performance, tensile strength, and durability of their composite sticks, allowing for weight direction by achieving the same strength and durability with less material.  Coupled with the Axenic true-one piece construction, the A6.0 builds from a foundation of pure energy transfer without material overlap in their compression-molded core, optimizing torsional response and maximizing the balance for this absolute stunner of a stick.

    With a SmartFlex variable kick point, the A6.0 SBP compliments their easy-loading, hard-shooting shaft with their Braided Rib Technology blade constructing, building an adaptive foam core around a skeleton of carbon fiber rods, reducing the twisting and flexing of the blade and providing a hyper-accurate shooting experience; while a soft-touch but responsive puck-feel round out the stick for an incredible stickhandling platform.  The True A6.0 SBP is taking the pro world by storm with more and more converts every day, built from True's philosophy of providing the same high performance product identical in both Pro leagues and in retail.

    A6.0 Shaft and Blades
    The True A6.0 SBP Standard Shaft is constructed with True's SmartPly pure-carbon twill, laminating uni-direction carbon fiber to provide an unrivaled degree of responsiveness and durability at the top-of-the-line price point.  The A6.0 shaft is designed with a variable kick-point, creating a progressively stiffer shaft minimizes energy loss and reducing torque throughout every shot, while allowing for more natural loading by retaining flexibility where the hands contact the stick.

    The True A6.0 SBP Composite Blade brings True's hyper-accurate, unrivaled puck-feel blade technology to the two-piece inline world.  Identical to the blades in their top-of-the-line one-piece sticks, the A6.0 SBP blade features the Braided Rib Technology, a construction designed to increase blade strength stemming from a carbon fiber rod skeleton and adaptive foams to increase the accuracy and durability of these pure carbon fiber blades.

    And for that extra bit of gear to rep True Hockey, look for one of their concave-grip Water Bottles - we personally love the shape of the bottle and the seal of the cap!

    Check out these new sticks and more at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop, in-store and online, with shipping from Vancouver, BC to Canada and the world!  Looking for a model we don't have in stock?  E-mail us and we'll get you just what you need in your specs!

  • Konixx Hockey Wheels - 2017 Line Up (Now in Stock!)

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    The newest additions to the wheel line-up offered here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop are the Konixx lines of inline hockey wheels.  We pride ourselves on having some of the widest selections of wheels in Canada, right here in our home-grown Vancouver, BC store!

    Designed by hockey players, for hockey players, Konixx strives to create some of the best roller hockey wheel at player-friendly prices.  We’re excited to have them in stock and to be able to continue to offer players the widest range of wheels available, so every player will find their needs filled.  Let’s take a first look at Konixx’s lines.

    Konixx Pure
    At the top end of their spectrum, the Konixx Pure wheel is the no-compromise, performance-focused model from the three.  Designed for spectacular speed and balance through a harder construction than comparable high-end wheels, the Pure wheel compliments that with great traction and solid grip for a pro-level control and stability through every stride, start, and stop.  The Pure wheel’s harder construction improves durability, making it one of best in class for longevity, all while housed in a lightweight, organic urethane build.  The Konixx pure comes in three stiffness ratings (0, +1, and +2) to optimize the hardness of choice to better accommodate weight and skating style.

    Konixx Electron
    A fresh take on the mid-tier wheel, the Electron wheel debuted at NARCh West this year as Konixx’s reimagining of their performance-value balanced wheel.  An incredibly lightweight, but superbly dense wheel thanks to their Ultralight Core technology, the Electron wheel was coming in at just a handful of grams lighter than an equivalent hardness and size Labeda Addiction (often cited as a gold standard for indoor performance wheels), all while being a solid wheel.  The result is a balanced blend durability and performance, while retaining Konixx’s signature Tile-tack formula for great traction and stability.

    Konixx Catalyst
    A great value option while still seeing the technology of higher-end Konixx wheels trickle down, the Catalyst hockey wheel is built with a single-pour urethane construction, balanced with the weight-saving and structural support of the Speed Hub.  The result is a durable, grippy wheel with a solid speed structure.  As with the other wheels in Konixx’s lineup, it features additives in the urethane as part of their Tile-tack formula that improves the grip and control the wheels bring to the table, for those quick starts and stops.

    Pair your brand new Konixx wheels with Konixx' Pro and Elite Bearings.  Swiss performance in a standard 608 hub, these bearings have excellent performance at their price points.  Finally, complete the Konixx swag box with one of their Squeeze Water Bottles - a high-quality replacement for the ever-loved Gatorade bottles.

    Come into the store and check out the new Konixx wheels and more; online and on-location here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop.